Why Pre-Plan?

The more you know about your industry, your market, and your community, the better you will understand what your customers want, and the better you can gauge whether your product or service meets your customer's expectations. Pre-planning is designed to help you determine whether your idea is good enough to spend more time on, researching, planning, and maybe launching!

Basic Pre-Planning Questions

The first step is to get a rough idea of your pop-up. To do this, answer as many of the questions below as you can. If you aren’t sure about any of them, that’s when you will need to do some basic research. The more questions you can answer confidently, the better the chances are that your pop-up idea is worth spending more time on!

  1. What are my objectives?
  2. Who are my ideal customers?
  3. What am I selling?
  4. What added-value am I providing my customers? (what makes my service/product more desirable than the competition?)
  5. What type of pop-up best suits my customers?
  6. What do I need to get going?
    • Finding appropriate land or space
    • Inventory: What I’m selling, how much, when to order, etc.
    • Rental negotiations and renting help
    • Legal requirements
  7. What do I need to run my pop-up shop day to day?
    • Operations: day to day requirements
    • Labor requirements
    • Marketing and customer support
    • Unexpected issues
    • Exit or expansion strategy