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Starting a Pop-Up Shop

Starting any business can be difficult, wrought with risk, and even daunting. To help make things easier, more structured, and more predictable, we've broken down the process into 3 steps: Basic Research, Planning, and Launch! Each step has one or more pages that have information and resources for you to use so don't forget to visit each one

Step 1 - Basic Research

Determine whether your idea is worth spending more time on, whether your idea is valid and is in demand, what you'll need to start and run the business, where you may want to open and how to negotiate with landlords, etc.

Objectives & Formats: This is an introduction to pop-up shops that highlights the how and the why of starting a pop-up.

Pre-planning: This is where you determine whether your idea is likely to succeed, whether you have what it takes to start-up, and keep running the business. This is where you decide to keep going and spend more time planning, or to start over with an idea that has more value for your customers!

Management: Every business needs to plan out their operations if they want to be a success. Here we break down the considerations you may have to make including the location, cash flow, budgeting, the physical store space, insurance, etc.

Rent and Rental Negotiations: This page lays out the types of landlords you may encounter, what they have in common, and what makes each unique. There's also information about rental agreements, and negotiation techniques that can help your cash flow immensely!

Step 2 - Planning

Planning: Here you will find help with the business-planning portion of your start-up. This phase is the culmination of your research and planning, summed up into one document; It is a more detailed look at the business, its place in the industry, its market, and the value your customers receive. You'll find links to the popular Business Model Canvas, a Simple Business Plan, and a Full Business Plan.

Step 3 - Launch!

Start Up!: There is an important start-up checklist that you can use to help guide the process, as well as tips to ensure your pop-up launches without a hitch.