Blue Corporation


Blue Corporation is an international group that designs and sells furniture and home accessories. Due to its large stores, it generally operates them in locations outside of city centers. With the objective to interact with their customers and raise brand awareness it held a temporary pop-up shop in the downtown core of Toronto.


Blue Corporation`s pop-up shop opened for two weeks in a vacant store in a vibrant neighborhood of Toronto. While Blue offers furniture, accessories, kitchens and their appliances, its in-store restaurant also has become an important element in the Blue customer experience. As such, the pop-up shop was centered around food and questioning conventions. The shop was located on two floors and divided into three different areas that included experiential elements to interact with the customer.

Experiential elements

One of the areas was dedicated to games for visitors of all ages. It included playful elements that leveraged Blue`s products to function such as a Pinball machine customized with Blue items. The wall was built of colourful cups with LED lights in the back that made it look like art. Customers were encouraged to move and change the cups to create their own artwork. Furthermore, a kitchen dance competition was held regularly. Visitors received 10% off their food purchases for every game they played.

The second area was a food kiosk where customers were able to purchase Blue`s iconic foods. Customers had the chance to customize their meals with a selection of different toppings.

The third area was designated towards shopping. Blue used RFID activated spoons for customers to shop. Customers that wanted to buy one of the 50 selected cooking, eating, or entertaining items had to tap on the displayed product. The spoons served as digital shopping carts and customers received the products after paying at the checkout.

The entire pop-up store was entirely equipped with Blue products. It even had a patio area with their table and chairs decorated with their artificial plants.

Pop-Up Details

Location: Queen Street West, Toronto

Student Questions

The pop-up shop was a huge success based on the store traffic.

Why do you think that is?

  • Very coherent, playful, interactive and multisensorial experience
  • Allowed Blue to build a deeper and non-transactional relationship with customers as they traditionally only visit Blue when they want to buy something, locations don`t allow for any spontaneous foot traffic
  • Experience for everyone. The store attracted singles, families, and even commuters working nearby for grabbing lunch

The pop-up shop pursues numerous objectives. Which ones?

  • Communicational:┬áraising brand awareness and reminding customers of their locations outside of the city center core
  • Experiential:┬ámultiple activities that were incentivized through rebates on the available food
  • Transactional: Food and 50 selected items for purchase

What could be a potential critique the organization was facing?

Head of the BIA criticized Blue`s lack if long-term commitment in the downtown core.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Showcasing the importance of creating a coherent experience
  • Importance for big corporations to create experiences that differentiate from the traditional one
  • Showcasing how important design elements and displays can be in creating a customer experience