On this page, you'll find helpful files and links that can help save you time and make starting a pop-up easier.

Downloadable Resources

Pop-up Shops Toolkit Cover Image

Download the original Pop-up Shop Toolkit (PDF) here created by Woodgreen / Danforth East Community Association  with sections on Recruiting Tenants & Landlords, Legal Issues, Marketing and Promotion, and more when starting your own pop-up program

The Business Plans

  • [Download not found] - Helps you get a rough idea of whether your pop-up can be successful.
  • [Download not found] - Need to borrow money to start your pop-up shop? Then this is a great starting point.
  • [Download not found] - Want to be the expert in your industry? Want to borrow money? Want to grow? Then a Full Business Plan is your ideal starting point.

Pop-Up Budget Spreadsheet

  • [Download not found] as a guide for budgeting your pop-up!

The Pop-Up Checklist

  • [Download not found] that you can use as is, or modify to ensure you are ready to start your pop-up.

Sales Tracking Excel Spreadsheets

  • [Download not found]

Inventory Control

  • [Download not found] has several sheets working in unison to help you control inventory. You can set up your vendors, products, orders, etc.!

Online Resources

Here we highlight some online resources that can help you in various stages of your pop-up:

  • is an online resource with a network of retailers, landlords, and brands. Check here to help you find a space for your pop-up shop.
  • this resource for finding a space also helps you get insurance. Check them out after you’ve completed your Business Model Canvas or a Simple Business Plan.
  • is another resource for retailers to find a suitable location for their pop-up shop.
  • is similar to the above sites in that it helps connect retailers and landlords.
  • looking for a kiosk format for your pop-up in the Greater Toronto Area (in Ontario Canada)? Then this site is a great source of opportunities to make it happen!
  • is another site to help connect you with a landlord and the ideal space.
  • is a classified ads site in Canada where many landlords and retailers can connect.
  • is similar to Kijiji but also applies to other countries including the United States.
  • looking to use a storage container as your pop-up shop? This is a great resource if you are in Canada!
  • want to open a pop-up shop in New York or Washington, DC? This site will help you find a location.
  • if you are looking for a location in the Los Angeles Metro Area, check this site as well!
  • pop-up shops aren’t booming in North America only. This site will help you if you are in Switzerland!
  •  another site that will help you find a location in Europe.
  • this site seems to be dedicated to Belgium, but is built to expand into the rest of Europe.
  • this site is dedicated to finding you a location in Australia.
  • specialized retail / commercial property services company that includes temporary retail (aka pop-ups!).
  • Oxford Properties Group has a great record of helping pop-up shops by temporarily renting space in various locations.
  • want some experience working in a pop-up shop before starting your own? How about working for Amazon’s many pop-up shops?
  • helps you find the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code for your pop-up shop. Note that you may have more than one code depending on what you are selling. This is a great starting point if you want to get a better idea of your competition, industry trends, the direction of your industry, and other pertinent information that goes into your Simple or Full Business Plan.
  • Are you looking for creative examples of successful pop-up shops? Here there are eight highly-creative pop-up shops that can give you great ideas!
  • is another page that identifies amazing pop-up shops. There are 18 shops highlighted on this page!