Pop-up Toolkit Videos

The following 7 videos build on the original Pop-up Toolkit to offer considerations for starting your own pop-up program, tips for pop-up entrepreneurs, landlords and community groups, along with reflections from the success of the DECA pop-up program that lowered vacancy rates from 17 to 6%.

Module 1 – Introduction to Filling Empty Stores

Topics include: Temporary shops, Revitalizing commercial areas, The impact of empty vs vibrant spaces, Free resources

Module 2 – Getting Started

Topics include: Scanning a neighbourhood, Goal Setting, Who can help, Budgets & Timelines

Module 3 – Legal Issues

Topics include: Permits, Insurance, Rental Agreements

Module 4 – Recruiting Landlords

Topics include: Finding potential properties, Benefits of a pop-up to the landlord, Negotiating rent

Module 5 – Recruiting Tenants

Topics include: Application process, Interviewing prospective retail business owners/operators, Identifying the best fit for the area

Module 6 – Marketing and Promotion

Topics include: Think local, Create a buzz online or with events, Collaboration

Module 7 – Building on Success

Topics include: What works, Displays, Results