Point of Sale and Payment Processing

On this page you will find types of credit card processing systems and explore types of Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Card Processing Systems

There are many options for credit card payment processing system some examples are below.

  • Square– Allows you to take payments through an iPad or iPhone
  • Moneris- Has mobile payment and countertop options available
  • TD Merchant Services– Has countertop options

Types of Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale (POS) systems are used to add value to consumers when completing transactions. The level of technology used is dependent on the level of value you would like to provide. There are varying types of POS that may include; a cash register, inventory tracking or sales software, and credit processing machines.

Some retailers use cash only and track sales/ inventory through excel to perform transactions. Other retailers use software to track sales/ inventory and accept all types of payment by having card processing machines.

Various software exists to perform POS tasks such as recording sales and updating stock levels. Vend, Bindo, and ShopKeep are examples of software applications that may be used with an iPad or smartphone to reduce costs and add mobility. Other retailers use their Shopify or Etsy shops offline to process sales.

You can also keep track manually with tracking sheets or excel. This retail sales tracking spreadsheet is a great way to track your sales at a low cost. The spreadsheet was created in cohesion with the legal agreements linked to sales, but may be used to purely track sales as well.