Running Your Pop-Up

On this page you will find resources on adapting your supply chain, the store setup, and store design. For a quick link to learn more about Point of Sales Systems and Payment Processing click here!

The Supply Chain

Due to the short nature of the pop-up, the supply chain will need to altered from a typical retail store.

  • Short cycle times
    • If the pop-up is only live for 2-3 months, then a product will need to have a quick cycle time.
    • It is important not to understock as consumers will likely only visit the pop-up once and will not come back for an item
  • Perpetual inventory system
    • By using a perpetual inventory system, it reduces the time spent to count inventory
    • This can be done through a POS system, paper tracking or excel
    • This allows for low stock to be identified faster to ensure that everything may be replenished in a timely manner

Store Setup

Australian Retail Interior Design Awards


It is important to think about how your inventory will be displayed and stored in your Pop-Up Shop. Here are a few questions to help stimulate planning:

  • Where will your inventory stock be stored?
  • What types of displays and fixtures will display your inventory?
  • Are you able to alter the interior of the store to align with your vision (Eg. Nail a shelf to the wall)?
  • How will you monitor restocking of inventory?
  • What kind of merchandising mix will you offer?

Store Layout

The store layout of your store can play a large role in attracting customers and facilitating sales. It is important that you consider the following questions:

  • Will your target market be able to easily move around the store (Eg. Mom with a stroller cannot do a tight turn)?
  • Does the layout of the store encourage people to walk around and browse maximum merchandise?
  • Does your planogram increase visibility of all of your merchandise?
  • Is your cashier at the front or back of the store, does this help to greet every guest?
  • Is there space for point of purchase merchandise?

Store Design

Pop-Ups are known for having strong design and conveying a theme or a story through the interior and exterior design. Below are a few questions to think about while planning your Pop-Up retail shop:

  • What is the theme of your pop-up?
  • What message(s) are you trying to convey with your design?
  • How do you want your consumer to feel when they experience your pop up?
  • How does the design align with your target market?  (Ie. You wouldn’t have a Gothic interior for a children’s store pop up)
  • How does the design of your interior contribute to the flow and movement of the consumer?

Pinterest is also a great resource for DIY ideas, and design inspirations.