Legal Resources

On this page you will find rental agreement information, insurance coverage resources, and employer resources.

Rental Agreement Information

Lease Agreements

A lease agreement is when a tenant is given the rights to possession of a space for an agreed on period of time. The agreement is able to determine the time period of the rent, the adjustments you can make to the space, and the cost.

License Agreements

A license agreement is an agreement to use the asset for a short-term period. You have the rights to use the space, but you do not have possession. This may have more restrictions to the adjustments you can make and the uses of the space.



There are many permits to consider when operating or starting a Pop Up. Some examples of retail permits are;

  • Auctioneer License (Selling used or second- hand goods)
  • Boulevard Marketing Permit (Having signs, billboards or other advertising on city property

A list of permits based on your business location and type may be found at BizPal.

Insurance Coverage Resources

Commercial General Liability Insurance: This is a required insurance that your landlord will request you obtain. This covers that any incidents that may occur in the space such as injury.

Fire and Theft Insurance: This is an optional insurance that you may want to protect yourself from any theft or fire to your Pop Up.

Employer Resources

If you are going to hire employees there are resources available to you to ensure that all standards and rules are followed.

Checklist for Starting a New Business– A checklist for small businesses provided by the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Health and Safety Regulations– Regulations to identify how to have a safe workplace.

Employment Standards Poster– To be posted in the workplace for employees and must be a part of their on-boarding package.

Employment Standards Act– Act that outlines minimum wage, weekly hours, and other workplace related standards.