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Watch A Landlord Speak About Renting To A Pop Up

DECA (Danforth East Community Association) worked with 11 property owners during the pop-up shop project. 100% would recommend the pop-up shop project to other landlords. In this video Takis Plagiannakos speaks about his experience with a pop-up shop tenant.

As identified by the Empty Spaces project, here are some good reasons to host a Pop Up retail operation…

Having someone occupying your empty property can:

  • Reduce vandalism, squatting and other illegal activity
  • Lower or even eliminate some maintenance costs
  • Lead to lower insurance costs – occupied properties are generally cheaper to insure
  • Grow the long-term value of the property – creative activity and cultural vitality in an area can push up property prices
  • Avoid devaluation of property – cheap leases can ‘devalue’ property on paper as property values are assessed on lease values
  • Attract visitors and footfall to revitalise a local area
  • Renewed interest from commercial tenants

Generally, being a part of a Pop Up project or initiative means:

  • Providing your empty space for a creative venture on a temporary basis
  • You decide which specific projects you want to host and when you want to end the arrangement
  • Negotiating a licence agreement (a contract) to allow access to the space – this does NOT trigger the statutory obligations, rights, costs and responsibilities for either party that are required for a lease
  • No ‘opportunity cost’ for participating in the scheme
  • The occupier keeps the space clean and presentable, pays all outgoings associated with their occupancy (such as water, gas and electricity bills), keeps it open as required and takes care of the building until you want it back

Credit to the Empty Spaces project:

Landlord- Tenant Matching Sites

Landlords can often post their retail space free of charge on pop-up shop landlord-tenant matching websites. Since these websites are relatively new in Canada, you may also consider posting on sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji.

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