DECA Pop Up Shop Project

DECA Pop-Up Shop Project Overview




Vacancy Rates were reduced from 17% to 6% with this project!

The Danforth East Community Association, in partnership with WoodGreen Community Services piloted a Pop-Up Shop Project as a commercial renewal strategy, with exciting results. The popularity of the pop-up project has helped normalize an alternative model of tenancy. It can provide both an entry point and a sustainable opportunity for low-income people to grow a business.

  • The project has succeeded in it’s intended purpose: to entice full time committed renters to fill empty storefronts.
  • A toolkit has been made for others wanted to learn how to replicate this project. It includes templates and other resources
  • Fledgling businesses were incubated with the support of the entire community
  • The project demonstrated how communities can maximize the potential for local money to circulate within a neighbourhood.
  • The alternative tendency model (pop-up shops) may help other communities with depressed commercial strips and inspire action.

DECA’s local economic development project was both influenced and inspired by Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia and Renew New Tecumseth revitalization programs.

Learnings, Reports and Inspirations!

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BIA Pop-Up Project Toolkit (Do it yourself!)

Click on the icon below to download the Pop-Up Project toolkit so that you may implement your own project in your community!

Our Pop-Up Project Videos

Learn more about our challenges and successes from the project leaders, landlords, and local city councillors.

The Power of Local

Property Owners Hold the Key

Commercial landlords are key to local economic renewal projects. This video shows how property owners were successfully engaged to participate along Danforth East in Toronto.

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