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Our symposium "Building Vibrant Main Streets and the Power of Local" was jam packed with innovative ideas and presentations.

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Join us on Nov 9th for a #TwitterChat with Marcus Westbury, author of a new book, Creating Cities!

Popping up!

DECA's pop-up shop project is revitalizing Danforth East and has reduced the commercial vacancy rate from 17% to 9% in 18 months.

Pop-up stores revitalize tired streets

Before and after photos tell the story. The owners and realtor agreed to host a pop-up shop in their vacant building and it was soon rented.

Revitalizing commercial districts

Pop-up Shops are temporary stores that can pop-up for a few days to several months, activating empty storefronts. This website is dedicated to showing you how pop-up shops can bring new life to your street while creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and artists! Check out our free tools, advice and pop-up shop opportunities.

Get your toolkit!

Get your toolkit!
Download this kit of instructions, documents, and sample marketing materials for launching pop-up shops in your neighbourhood. It's free!


Watch "The Power of Local" and other short videos. Let us inspire you with new ideas!

Shop local

Shop local
Research shows that a dollar spent at a locally owned store circulates 6 to 15 times before it leaves the community. By contrast, a dollar spent at a national chain store results in 80% of that dollar leaving the neighbourhood immediately.
Attention BIAs, residents associations, retailers, entrepreneurs, artists and property owners! Our tool kits, fact sheets and videos will help you fill empty stores with vibrant businesses. Need inspiration? DECA is the only residents association in Canada using an innovative pop-up shop program to fill empty storefronts and revitalize main street! See their successes and roll up your sleeves.